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The Tanzania project is EWB-USA Rutgers’ newest international project which officially began in December 2015. The project partners with an NGO called the Karatu Villages Water Supply (KAVIWASU) which is responsible for providing and maintaining clean water sources in the community of Karatu, Tanzania.

Karatu is a primarily rural region with a population of approximately 180,000 people spread across a total land area of around 3,300 square kilometers. Within this district are six different villages that the Karatu Villages Water Supply (KAVIWASU) supplies water to, including Tloma, Ayalabe, Gongali, Gykurum Arusha, Gykurum lambo, and Karatu Mini village.

Weekly Update

Financial worked on revising grants and sending one out. Technical continued the work on their report, making steady progress. Landen officially ran the meeting.

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The Need

The community’s challenge is that the river and other surface water sources that provide water during most of the year dry up heavily during the dry seasons. As a result, community members have little choice but to walk long distances to collect their water from other sources. Often women and children are the ones who are left to bear this burden, limiting their ability to do other work or go to school.

Currently, KAVIWASU is doing its best to address this need and operates and maintains three borehole wells and two springs which partially meet the community’s water demand. But in order to provide for all of its constituents, KAVIWASU is hoping to develop additional water sources, and therefore has partnered with EWB-USA Rutgers.

EWB-USA Response

First Assesment

The first assessment trip will be held in August 2016. EWB-USA Rutgers plans to travel to Tanzania this coming August for the project’s first assessment trip. The team will evaluate the community’s current water sources and assess for potential new ones. Everyone is very hopeful that this new project will be our best effort yet!

Following Up

EWB-USA believes in community-driven projects. As such, the community will contribute funding and materials to the project and will take ownership of the water supply system upon completion. A committee will be elected to oversee the maintenance and operation of the completed system. Members of the committee will be elected every one or two terms depending on the water board’s preferences.

Grant Contributor
Special thanks to the Brook Family Foundation for their generous grant contribution to the Tanzania Project. We greatly appreciate the support!

Project Lead(s): 
Corey Norton & Allan Wang

Professional Mentors:
Maurice Tobon, Civil Engineer Engineering Director of Palm Beach County Water Utilities
Robert DiFilippo, Hydroegeologise CEO of Aquaterra Technologies, Inc.