University-Wide Awards of 2011
We attended the Year-end Awards Reception at the Visitors' Center on Busch to receive some awards presented by Rutgers President McCormick. We received the Rutgers University Human Dignity Award for our dedication to diversity in the communities we work with and our openness to al types of students, and the Rutgers Class of 1962 Presidential Public Service Award for our dedication to quality service in our international communities.

After years of work with EWB-USA since 2005 and receiving these awards this year in addition to the EWB-USA Premier Chapter Award, we would like to thank the deans, faculty advisors, professional mentors, sponsors and donators, and all chapter members who have had any part in getting us to this state of achievement.

Below: EWB-USA Rutgers with President McCormick and the Presidential Public Service Award

EWB-USA Rutgers at the Year-end Awards Reception hosted by President McCormick

Golf Outing & Rutgers Day Open House
Within the past few days, we held our last annual fundraising event as well as attended the School of Engineering Open House.

Our 2nd Annual Golf outing turned out to be as successful as it could be, under the heavy precipitation that occurred about noon on April 28th. The schedule called for a 9-hole, shotgun set-up, lunch and beverages in the afternoon, and raffles and giveaways. Thanks to Gary, our director of development, the steering committee, EGC Allocations, the Rutgers Golf Course, and our sponsors who were all essential to the execution of the outing.

On April 30th, EWB-USA Rutgers attended the Rutgers Day Open House on Busch for the School of Engineering. Check out the photo gallery for pictures!
Last General Body Meeting of 2011

Dean Rankin, Madhuri Tirumandas, Namrata KulkarniOn April 27th, we held our last general body meeting of the Spring 2011 semester.

Our advisors, deans, professional mentors, event speakers, and several Rutgers faculty members were offered our gratitude with gifts and certificates to recognize the support they have given us over the years.Anthony Brown, our faculty advisor, was especially honored and gave us some departing words as he left Rutgers and his position in EWB-USA Rutgers.

We celebrated the graduating seniors who have been involved as committed members in EWB-USA Rutgers. See the senior speeches of 2011 and the rest of the pictures. Thanks to everyone who helped plan and contribute to the last general meeting!

Benefit Banquet 2011 Review

On Wednesday, April 13th EWB-USA Rutgers was able to show their appreciation for our supporters with our Second Annual Benefit Banquet, “Sustainably Designed”  which was held at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum. With a talk by Bloustein professor Dr. Gabriella Carolini, attendees learned about global problems in basic service provision in water, sanitation, and waste management, and her research and work partnerships in these areas within the country of Mozambique.  

Sustainability was the subject of the evening and after dinner, project leads of our organization described how this fits into every aspect of their committee’s work in Thailand, Guatemala and Kenya. The Rutgers Chapter of EWB-USA has been recognized for our efforts in incorporating sustainability into every facet of our projects-- from our design to community development. It was this and more that contributed to our recent honor of receiving the Premier Chapter at the EWB-USA International  Conference as well as the Human Dignity Award. Finally, graduating Chapter President Namrata Kulkarni closed with lessons learned from our work . 

The night was an amazing success thanks to the help from dedicated students in the planning committee, talented student musicians, Rutgers Catering and Zimmerli Staff. We would also like to thank each and every one of the attendees—your enthusiasm for our work was inspiring.


Benefit Banquet 2011 - EWB-USA Rutgers and Dean Farris

Students from EWB-USA Rutgers posing with their 2011 EWB-USA Premier Student Chatper Award with School of Engineering Dean: Dean Farris. 

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