11.12 Scarlet Spout | NERC

From November 16th to 18th, many EWB-USA Rutgers members traveled to the University of Pennsylvania for the opportunity to meet with students and professionals involved in EWB-USA throughout the region.

"I thought the conference was a great opportunity to meet other students and professionals from different chapters. In the breakout sessions, we got to see what other groups are doing. I thought this was really helpful, since I was able to attend two presentations on topics directly related to my work on the Guatemala technical team. I think this highlighted for me the areas we still need to focus on, and gave me a better idea of what it might be like to actually implement such a system. It was inspiring to meet so many other groups that are also working hard towards similar goals." -Eleana Little

"The conference was a good opportunity to network, meet people from other chapters and meet the people working at HQ. To see so many chapters and projects in one place really shows the huge difference EWB makes to hundreds of communities worldwide. " -Harshil Dave

At the NERC, students and professionals working on different types of projects were able to share ideas.

"When the topic of implementing new technologies came up, I was excited to see if any chapter had successfully introduced something novel to their community. However, the presenter emphasized the fact is that EWB does not support the implementation of novel and untested technologies for use in the communities we work with. EWB-USA does not do 'cutting edge.' Their justification behind adopting this stance is also very reasonable. We do not have the right to "experiment with people" and we cannot take on the responsibility for the outcomes of an implementation that has no evidence to prove that it will succeed. To further their point, the presenters asked us to imagine our own family and friends. They asked us, 'would it be right to alter their water supply if it had not been proven that the outcomes would be beneficial?'" -Maya Saltzman

"I loved how much enthusiasm and dedication we saw in fellow EWB members. The workshops and general sessions of this conference expressed to me the beginning of a new journey of excellence and enhanced leadership for our chapter." -Wyatt Borden


Our chapter would like to thank all partners and donors for their support. Successful projects would be impossible without the hard work and dedication of our international partners and NGO’s, specifically Warm Heart Worldwide (Thailand Project), Appropriate Technology Collaborative (Guatemala Project), and Endelevu Community Development Services (Kenya Project). The EWB-Rutgers Student Chapter also greatly thanks all of the project sponsors, including the Paramus Rotary Club, Caterpillar, RC Andersen LLC, and Boeing for supporting the projects’ financial endeavors. In addition, the chapter acknowledges and is grateful to all donors no matter the size of the contribution. Thank you all!