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Technology Without Borders Workshop

Please join us
at 1-3 p.m. on Friday, September 28, 2012
in the Brower Commons
with our special guest Ben Pearson of the Water Resources Program
to learn about technologies that greatly impact societies at large.
* Flower Pot Decorations*
* Food and refreshments will be served *

Technologies Without Borders: Technologies Across Borders

Engineers Without Borders - USA Rutgers
presents an event in the series
Technologies Without Borders

Across the nation, the uttering of the word "technology" draws with it extravagant images of the latest  high performance devices on the market.  However, the field of technology extends beyond the social applications of laptops, data phones, and iPads; technology is the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques or systems that are employed to promote a service or solve a problem.  Around the world technology is being applied to tackle pending issues that face communities.  Engineers Without Borders - USA Rutgers seeks to assist developing communities worldwide in an effort to improve their quality of life.  Through the use of sustainable technologies, EWB-USA Rutgers strives to breathe life back into communities - generally by delivering vital water to target villages.  Technologies that may pass unnoticed to us, can provide life internationally.



Bernard Amadei

Happy Spring Break! Check out this amazing news -- on Monday, April 2, join us at a lecture by the founder of EWB-USA, Dr. Bernard Amadei! Come out to the Fiber Optics Auditorium on Busch Campus at 7PM.

Who wouldn't take this amazing opportunity to see Bernard Amadei here at Rutgers? Let us know if you'll be coming as many of us will be there, too.

If you have yet to get involved, this is a good time to get started and the experience is great alone.

This insightful lecture from such an inspirational speaker is open to all at Rutgers, engineers and non-engineers alike, so be sure to bring some friends.

See the event listing here, plus more details after the jump!


Thailand Untapped

Please join us at the premiere on
Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 7p.m.
in the Busch Campus Center Multipurpose Room
with the Rutgers University Writers House,
a part of Rutgers English in the school of Arts and Sciences.


As part of a collaborative effort between the RU School of Engineering and the RU Writers House, this documentary of our first international project takes a look at the behind-the-scenes implementation of the water purification system in Nong Bua, Thailand. Consisting of alumna Chantal Eyong and SAS student Steve Holloway, the Writers House documentary team followed alongside the Rutgers EWB-USA travel team for three weeks during the summer of 2008 to bring clean, potable water to a rural village. Dena Seidel, the film's director and producer is an award-winning documentary editor, producer, and writer, as well as the Director of Digital Storytelling at the Writers House. Seidel’s credits include films for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Channel 13/WNET, HBO, ABC, The Learning Channel, WGBH Boston, Turner broadcasting and Court TV.

Thanks to Busch campus Dean Thomas Papathomas, College Avenue campus Dean Matt Matsuda and Cook campus Dean Rick Ludescher for the sponsorship of the film's promotional video (top).

The event will be a double feature of the premiere of Thailand Untapped (trailer above) and 
the festival-winning Atlantic Crossing. A Q&A and reception will follow the screening.

 * Popcorn, food, and beverages will be served. *

See the event flyer here.



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