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         Electrical & Computer Engineering
Class of 2018
Year(s) involved: 1

Other Involvments: HARU, Kpop Dance Cover Club


Why did you join EWB?

I joined EWB because I wanted to make a difference in the world and improve the lives of others. I am happy to help out others and their entire communities out there in the vast world with our mission.

Why have you gotten more involved?

I have become more involved because I know I am capable of taking on more responsibilities and I want to ensure that our projects are successful.

How has EWB helped you to grow as an individual?

I have met so many inspiring individuals and have gotten to know many other students from a variety of engineering disciplines and other majors through EWB. Becoming a part of the EWB community was a rewarding experience itself. I have been put into situations that I would never voluntarily put myself in, such as public speaking, but they helped me develop such skills and I am grateful for the experiences EWB has given me.  


Favorite color: blue

Favorite song: Sapient Dream by Slushii

Favorite quote: "Normal? What's normal? To only do what the masses do? And what is the benefit of that? Where is the problem in adopting a custom that is "abnormal" if it has no negative effect on the world at large?"


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