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         Electrical & Computer Engineering
Class of 2017
Year(s) involved: 3

Other Involvments: Research Assistant

Project(s): Camden/Kenya

Why did you join EWB?

I joined because this organization gives one a great opportunity to use the skills learned in class in a way that makes a positive impact on people around you and around the world.

Why have you gotten more involved?

It's fun, the people you work with are fun, and its for a good cause. I also enjoy working behind the scenes to get things working right, so an eboard position like this can help me to do such.

How has EWB helped you to grow as an individual?

I have been able to build connections with other great like-minded individuals and become a better person in general by developing both practical engineering and social skills.  


Favorite color: scarlet red

Favorite song: The Wanton Song by Led Zeppelin

Favorite quote: "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle stand like a rock."

-Thomas Jefferson

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